Something Wicked, This Week Comes

Evil Reflection

This Halloween the moon will be only 11% visible, meaning that the sky will be as black as a witch’s heart.

The heavy darkness of the evening will envelope you as you casually make your way to your door.  You’ll frantically claw for your keys, which are tangled up in candy wrappers and loose change in the bottom of your pocket.

You’re exhausted from your night of candy gobbling and neighbor spooking, so you decide to wind down with your favorite Halloween-inspired revelry.

You decide to …

(A) Settle in for some light-hearted mischief by watching Scooby Doo reruns.

(B) Embrace some nostalgia by watching the classic movie channel’s The Wolf Man.

(C) Get your game on by playing through a campaign of Left 4 Dead.

Click the adventure of your choosing …


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