Look Ma, I’m on T.V.!

Some people can go through life with nary a care in the world.  They seek new opportunities and eagerly dive into change.

As you’ve undoubtedly guessed, I am not one of those people.

With me, the “worst case scenario” runs through my mind in slow motion with Chopin’s Funeral March playing in the background.

For example, I was recently presented the opportunity to give an interview with ABC Action News’s Positively Tampa Bay segment (air-date 8/30/13).  It was a thrilling occasion, ofAs Seen on T.V. which I felt honored to be a part of … but I also felt nervous.

Like, my stomach was ripped out through my belly button, filled with rocks and then shoved down my throat, nervous.

In my sunny, coral dress and Shirley Temple inspired tresses, I walked through the station’s newsroom with artificial confidence.  I watched the busy journalists type with practiced perfection and expert focus.

Next stop was the studio.  In here, I got to sit at the anchor’s desk and watch another group get interviewed.  Let me just stop here to say that news studios are awesome!

Being a communication student, I’ve had experience working in Flagler College’s news studio (I operated the Chyron machine), so I had a broad understanding of how everything worked; however, being in a real, fully operational studio was a new level of cool!

There was their green screen, the numerous television monitors, the fancy cameras with the script projected in front of the lens so that the anchors read the script while looking directly into the camera, the anchor’s personal laptops and the awesome crew.

Group one was done, so it was then my turn to be interviewed.  I stepped up onto the carpeted platform and seated myself in a cozy chair on the faux-living room set.  Then the lovely Lissette Campos (my interviewer) casually made some small talk to get me relaxed.

Next, the very patient stage manager helped me with my microphone, and asked me to deliver a mic-check (this consisted of my name and my counting to the number 10).  With everything in order, it was time to start the interview.

I could barely hear Lissette’s introduction over my pounding heart.  I was so petrified she’d ask me a question I couldn’t answer (Lissette: What’s your name? Me: uh … well … um … cabbages?)

Two questions … two questions to me and it was all over.  Finally, I could breathe again!

Then the stage manager took back his microphone, and I realized I was free to go.  All of that stress and nervousness for something so painless!  Here I was running on coffee from not sleeping the night earlier, and my life returned to normal within four minutes of air-time!

Me and LissetteEven though I was tense, being interviewed by a professional journalist was a once in a lifetime experience that I will definitely be telling my grandkids about (or my cats, it all depends)!

So, thank you to the wonderful people from ABC Action News!  And thanks to all of you for watching my television debut (it’s at the bottom of this post)!

For those interested, I was interviewed because of my work with Heartland for Children, and their fight to put an end to domestic and dating violence.  I perform a play, The Yellow Dress, at local schools.  The goal is to educate students and provide them with the tools necessary to prevent, spot and fight dating violence.

“Like” ABC Action News’s domestic violence campaign on Facebook .

Read about The Yellow Dress in Tampa Bay Parenting (p. 20).


2 thoughts on “Look Ma, I’m on T.V.!

  1. Wow Laura, very nicely done – no trace of nervousness whatsoever. You gave a very thoughtful, intelligent explanation of the Yellow Dress Play and there can be no doubt that the organization is well pleased in your representation. You should be very proud of yourself – I am proud of you… Thank you for working to bring awareness to such an important issue and thank you for sharing this News. 😀

    • Well, thank you very much. I’m glad you can’t see my internal meltdown! I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of performing in “The Yellow Dress,” from the acting and meeting new people, to (most importantly) possibly helping someone with this very serious issue. This interview came as such a surprise to me, and I feel so honored to be a part of something like this. 🙂

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