The Value of a Valueless Life

Where have I been these last few months, you may ask yourself.

Well, my dear readers, the answer is simple … I’ve been living the dream!

Flagler Graduation!In late April, I graduated from my beloved Flagler College, stuffed my trusty ’91 Camry with my coffee pot and printer, and departed from the Ancient City bidding farewell to my college career.

Although the diplomas have been passed out, life is still very busy for me.  I spend my mornings (or afternoons, rather) sipping my quart of coffee while sifting through my emails.  Fortunately, I’ve dodged many a bullet with the “thank you for your interest with *insert company name here* but we have decided to pursue other candidates with more experience” line, so my serene vacation has yet to be interrupted.

After my welcome rejections, I begin the application process all over again.  Writing a handful of cover letters a day is thrilling, as I have the opportunity to hone my self-promotional skills while simultaneously acknowledging my inadequacies.

By the time the resumes are emailed out, Pinterest is vying for my attention.  After an hour or so of organizing my “boards” I need to relax with the help of Sims.  However, watching the little pixilated humans achieve their goals tires me, and I must then nap off my exhaustion.

Once I awake from my slumber, I settle down with Ellery Queen, Holmes or even dear Miss Marple for a good old-fashioned murder.  Then, to rest my weary eyes, I indulge in the sophisticated masterwork that is Bridezillas, Hoarders or Johnny Bravo reruns, while polishing off a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.

I haven’t had a need to step outside my house for weeks, but the only thing waiting for me out in the sticky Florida heat are the mosquitoes, so I’m content with my isolation.The Grinch

I chuckle to myself, when I think of those poor souls who spend their lives toiling away for some “purpose” or “cause”.  You might be thinking, “Surely life is dull and empty without goals to work toward!”  Ha ha! That is rich, but not nearly as rich as my nightly glass of Chocolate Malt Ovaltine.

No, I too once sought success and triumph, but my pride has finally been buried out back under the oak tree.  Now my day consists of pleasant leisure, where I slowly loose grip on reality and delve deeper into self-loathing.

Perhaps I do need a job ‒ a goal ‒ a hobby even, to rekindle the spark of passion that lit up my heart only a few short months ago.  Perhaps wasting away like Miss Havisham, with her yellowed gown and decaying wedding cake, isn’t for me.  Perhaps, oh perhaps, it isn’t too late after all!!!

However, it is so hard to progress.  As Newton famously stated, “an object at rest tends to stay at rest, unless the object is acted upon by an outside force”.  The outside force in my case would be a job, but jobs don’t just come knocking at your door (and considering my current appearance, I wouldn’t let it in even if it did!).

Therefore, the time has come for an internal transformation, but on the other hand, do you really need drives and ambitions when you have the tender caress of your leopard print Snuggie?  The verdict is still out on that.


7 thoughts on “The Value of a Valueless Life

  1. If you get really desperate, you can always come to NC and help me pick and shell peas or pick and pack watermelons all summer!!

    • Thank you, that does sound fun (mainly because I’d get to see you!). By the way, are you going to be able to get a break from your watermelons and peas to spend some quality time with your favorite cousins … and Og this summer?

  2. Welcome back Laura! 🙂
    You know, it’s almost always because of these periods of inactivity when an active person starts sulking, dreaming, “detoxing” and then kicks himself/herself back into action. I’ve been going through something similar over the past few months, and now I’m whipping my ass into action every second.
    Just to give you a preview … besides my 12 hour job (including travelling) as an Automation Engineer in a Data Analytics company, I am preparing for an upcoming half marathon, practicing Martial Arts and Yoga daily, learning French, running a digital marketing campaign for my Author friend whose book is not getting published, preparing for the GMAT (second time) AND doing my daily duties as the elder son of the house.
    Trust me, there is a goal in the midst of all this! 😛

    • Thank you, and you are very right! It certainly seems that you have been keeping yourself busy. I feel extremely inadequate after hearing everything you’ve been up to; however, I hope to be active again in no time *fingers crossed*. Have fun, and don’t overexert yourself too much! 🙂

  3. What good is youth if not miss-spent? Sounds like you are indeed living the dream. It’s a process…
    Don’t worry, opportunity knows who’s door it’s knocking on, so at least check the peep-hole – it may turn out to be your thin-mint source and you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

    • I know, but I can’t help but feel antsy. I just need to get my butt in gear and DO something. Also, you’re right about opening the door to opportunity, my life would be empty if not for those delicate boxes of chocolate-coated goodness! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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